Affiliate F.A.Q. – Ottega

Affiliate F.A.Q.

What is the Ottega Affiliate Programme?

Our affiliate programme is the opportunity for people to promote Ottega and receive a 60% share of all sales you generate.


Is it free to sign up?

Yes. There are no sign up fees to become an affiliate.


When will I get paid?

Settlement of accounts will take place at the end of each Calendar Month.


How will I get paid?

Your commission will be paid via Paypal, please add your Paypal account email in your affiliate account dashboard.


Is there a minimum commission I must earn to receive a payment?

You need to generate a minimum commission of $50 before a payment is made. If the minimum of $50 is not achieved, the amount will be rolled over to the following month until the commission reaches the threshold.


Can I track my sales generated?

Our affiliate management system accurately tracks each sale and credits your account accordingly. This information is all available on your dashboard which will record traffic and sales generated.


What methods can I use to promote your site?

We currently do not limit the methods you are able to use to promote our website. This means you are free to promote our site through social media, advertising campaigns, your own website, email campaigns or any other methods providing they are none of the restricted sites listed below.


Are there any websites I cannot promote your products on?

We do not allow any affiliate marketing on any of the below types of websites:


  • Websites that show or promote violence.
  • Websites that discriminate or promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • Websites that show, promote or commit illegal activities.
  • Websites that encourage the violation of, or violate, intellectual property rights.